About the Artist

Sarah Paikai


Sarah Paikai is a multi-media Spoken Word Artist, COO of an 8-figure marketing company, and author of the #1 Amazon best-selling book, “Passion to Action: How YOU Can Do It All”. As an Asian-American artist, she is passionate about creating art that challenges the status quo and redirects how viewers approach social/economic/political and world events. In addition to having written and co-produced 3 full-stage productions with a cast of 100+ members, she has published dozens of solo multi-media collections and opened as a Spoken Word Artist for business conferences with several hundred attendees. Sarah was also a Founding Member and Administrative Director for 6 years at a non-profit Performing Arts Academy for at-risk youth.

As Seen On

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Spoken Word Piece: "Love Is The Balm"

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Spoken Word Piece: "Sacredness Is Not Open For Discussion"

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Spoken Word Piece: "The Voice of Scars"


  • I'm not a writer or a poet. How will these courses help me?

    The Speak Your Word Method teaches people to express their feelings and thoughts in a way that fully communicates what they mean. The majority of students use these courses to get crystal clear on their thoughts so they can communicate their ideas to the people they want to reach.

  • I'm a creative person but not a poet or a writer. Will your courses help me?

    Yes. Past students include musicians, painters, bloggers, vloggers, dancers, actors, knitters and teachers. These courses are meant to help students unravel their thoughts so they can communicate them powerfully and succinctly.

  • I'm not a creative person. How will your courses help me?

    People who identify as "non-creatives" go through these courses are often surprised at how easy it is for them to write + speak using the prompts and exercises in the course. They often express satisfaction they find in being able to finally get their thoughts out of their mind and clearly express what they really mean.