Get clear, inspired and write your heart out in less than 6 minutes a day.

Made with love 💕 for everyone who needs a little creative help to fully express themselves 📖 🗣

What have you been waiting to say? Now's the time to Speak Your Word!


  • What exactly do I get with this?

    Great question! Every Monday I'll release 5 prompts (aka Hooks) and Worksheets for the week. This will continue for 4 weeks. If you want to see a sample of what the Guided Expression Exercises are like, take a look at the preview lessons above. Each daily Exercise should take you no more than 6 minutes to complete!

  • How will I get access to the daily material?

    It will all be here in your Thinkific portal. You can come back to it anytime during our 21 days together.

  • I'm not a writer or a poet. How will this help me?

    The Speak Your Word Method used during these 21 days helps people to fully express their thoughts and feelings. The majority of participants use these Prompts + Exercises to get crystal clear so they can communicate their ideas to others.

  • I'm not a creative person. How can this help me?

    If you're not a creative person, this is PERFECT for you. You have more inspiration and creativity locked in you than you're aware of! Each Guided Expression Exercise is carefully created to appeal to all of the ways you process information (visual, audio, kinesthetic). Try out the first exercise and see for yourself. ;)

  • I'm in! How do I get started?

    Sign up using the button at the top of this page. Starting November 2, I'll release the first set of Prompts + Exercises. I can't wait to see what you create!