Learn How To Clearly Express What You Stand For

Take This One Workshop Instead of Spending Weeks Overthinking What You Want To Say + How to Say It


  1. The 3 phases you NEED to get through to feel ready to speak up and speak out on sensitive or controversial subjects. (hint: what's holding you back and keeping your voice feeling quiet or unclear isn't what you think it is.)

  2. The 5 repeatable Guided Expression Exercises you can use at any time to move from fear to boldness. (these exercises will literally move you from feeling stuck or unsure of what to say to taking a stand for what you believe in.)

  3. The best-working creative process that helps you choose clear and true words to put shape around what you’re feeling inside. (The method I teach you will help you ditch your anxiety and find the “yassss" words that resonate instead)

  4. How I used this method to create, perform and film my piece “Sacredness Is Not Up For Discussion” that went mini-viral on social. (I reverse engineer my journey so you have a clear example to follow!)

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  • I'm not writer or a poet. How will this course help me?

    The Speak Your Word Method taught during this workshop helps people to express their feelings and thoughts in a way that fully communicates what they mean. The majority of students use this workshop to get crystal clear on their thoughts so they can communicate their ideas to the people they want to reach. This workshop is meant to help students unravel their thoughts so they can communicate them powerfully and succinctly.

  • I'm in! How do I get started?

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Spoken Word Piece: "Sacredness Is Not Open For Discussion"